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EV Charging Program

Electric Vehicle Charging Guidelines


West Garage: 16 dual-port Level II chargers (total of 32 charging spaces) are located on 
the 2nd floor.
Plantation Street Garage:
4 dual-port Level II chargers (total of 8 charging spaces) are 
located on the 1st floor.
Library and Clinical Lots:
8 dual-port Level II chargers (total of 16 charging spaces) 
located near the basketball court.


Anyone interested in joining the EV charging program must first register with the Parking Office and create a ChargePoint account.

Vehicles parked in all EV charging spaces must be charging; once charging is complete, the owner must move the vehicle.

Please note that for the Library and Clinical Lot chargers, charging is limited to fleet use only between the hours of 2:30PM- 6:00AM

Please be respectful of the charging guidelines and EV driver etiquette. And remember,
UMass Chan’s EV chargers are intended to supplement home charging. Emergency 
charging may be accommodated by the Parking Office.

Note: All UMass Chan chargers require a ChargePoint account




Ø  What parking assignment do I need to utilize the charging stations?
You may only charge in the area where you have a parking assignment. That means West Garage chargers are restricted to West Garage parkers, Library and Clinical lot chargers are only for people assigned to those lots. The Plantation Street Garage chargers are available to anyone with an unreserved parking assignment (Pine Tree and Plantation Street tag holders).


If you wish to change your parking assignment, please contact Parking@umassmed.edu for more information. Please note that reassignment from Plantation Street Garage is based on seniority.


Ø  Why are UMass Chan owned vehicles using Library/Clinical Lot EV chargers?

Those chargers were paid for in large part by a state grant specifically to encourage state facilities to use more EVs in their organization’s fleet. UMass Chan fleet vehicles will charge in “off hours” as much as possible but may also need to use the Library Lot chargers during working hours.


Ø  What about the EV chargers in the South Road garage?

South Road garage chargers are designated for patient and visitor parking only – these are not part of the UMass Chan employee charging program.



Ø  My vehicle is fully charged, can I still park in the EV charging spaces?

No, if your vehicle is done charging it must be moved. This will allow other EV owners access to the charging station. This applies to all locations.



Ø  Will I get a parking violation if I forget to move my car?

EV charging is “self-policed” by the EV driver community. However, habitual offenders may be addressed by the parking office. Please be courteous and remember to move your vehicle once fully charged.




Ø  Who do I contact if there is an error with the charging station?

Please contact the Parking Office at Parking@umassmed.edu to report an error.