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Carpool incentive program

Two or more people who commute to campus together in one vehicle qualify for the carpool incentive program, which includes designated parking and a reduced parking rate. It’s open to all members of the UMass Chan Medical School and UMass Memorial community.

Designated carpooling spots are located in the lower level of the Pine Tree lot, and the first floor of the Plantation Street garage.

A carpool group will get one hanging tag and one carpool access badge to enter their parking area. Everyone in the group can register a vehicle, so the tag and badge can be moved to the vehicle the group decides to use on a particular day. (With sufficient notice, provisions can be made if a carpooler needs to drive alone, in their own car, to campus on a particular day.)

Only the designated carpool badge (not the individual UMass ID associated with each carpool buddy) will permit access to the assigned parking location. 

The total carpool parking fee for a group of employees is $8 per week. Student carpool groups pay $4 per week. 

To sign-up, all members of a proposed carpool group must visit the parking office on the first floor of the main Medical School building. If you have questions about this program please email the parking office at: parkingoffice@umassmed.edu .

Program guidelines and FAQs