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Neher: Good Teachers...

  • Demonstrate (model) enthusiasm, passion, and caring to learners
  • Establish learning objectives
    • Tell learners what you want them to learn
    • Students learn better when they know what to focus on
  • Establish relevance in the subject
    • Learners pay attention to activities they perceive as valuable
  • Establish a positive learning environment
    • Support risk taking
    • Find time
    • Make the effort
    • Include the entire team when appropriate 
  • Use feedback effectively
    • Give and receive both positive and negative feedback
    • Make time for feedback
  • Vary your teaching technique
    • Don't fear creativity
    • Different styles can help learning
    • Be prepared, but it is ok to improvise
  • Limit the Scope
    • Make content appropriate to the level of your learner
    • Know what not to include
    • Express yourself clearly
  • Recognize that information retention goes down whenever a learner feels overwhelmed

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The Five-Step Microskills of Clinical Teaching

Neher J, Stevens, N G (2003). The one-minute preceptor: Shaping the teaching conversation. Family Medicine, 36 (6); 391-393.