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Featured Presentations and Testimonials

2023 SEP Health Disparities Presentations

1st Place

"Inequities in Vitamin D Deficiency Among African Americans in Massachusetts"

By Daniel Dong, Shakira Ebian, Dunia Gomes, Mehdi Kayi, and Devin Monaco

2nd Place

"The Prevalence of COVID-19 Amongst Hispanic/Latinx Individuals as Compared to the General Population in Massachusetts"

By Ashley Abi Chaker, Nicole Rodriguez Ortiz, Elisa Sambataro, Jenipher Silva, and Azka Tanveer

3rd Place

"HIV/AIDS In Hispanics as Compared to the General Population of Massachusetts"

By Jade Oshodi, Trisha Larios, Cassandra Trevino, Elianny Lopez, and Laishawn Duncan

Summer Enrichment Program Participant Testimonials

"Having the med-students come in and talk about their personal journey to medical school really helped me understand what the next step in the process is."

"I learned that I do belong in the field of medicine, and there are people like me that have made it and succeeded in their health care journey"

"SEP has taught me professionalism, holistic skills as well as informed me about different stories people have experienced. All of which has aided me to be a better, more motivated pre-medical student."

"The SEP program has given me the opportunity to attain many resources and lots of information. Never did i think Mr. Charles and Mr. Layne would give us the opportunity to take a mock medical school interview, a mock MCAT, and honestly all the speakers and information we got in such a short period of time. It was a lot! But it was what i needed. I feel like they carved a clearer path for me, I am immensely grateful."
Read about former Summer Enrichment Program participant, Bency Louidor-Paulynice, on UMass Chan News
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