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Meet the team

Marlina Duncan, EdD


Why does DEI matter at UMass Chan: “To institutionalize policies and practices that support welcoming program climates and cultures for individuals from underrepresented groups is why I am committed to diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace.”

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Lynn Hernández, PhD


Why does DEI matter at UMass Chan: “Diversity, equity and inclusion in medical education increase access to equitable health care and reduce health disparities; this is a priority in my personal and professional life.”

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Holly Brown


How does your role support DEI at UMass Chan? "Being part of a team that shares the same core values and influencing people through education and awareness of systemic inequity makes my work fulfilling."

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Tiffany E. Cook, MA


How does your role support DEI at UMass Chan? “Supporting diversity, equity and inclusion requires a critical skillset built on constant learning, self reflection and integration into every part of our lives, both personal and professional. As I have grown as an educator, I have come to prioritize meeting people wherever they are in their learning journeys, learning from their experiences and perspectives, and then doing the work to challenge and support them in their development.”

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Fernanda Gama


What keeps you engaged in DEI work at UMass Chan? "Growing up in Portugal under a dictatorship, I had no power to influence or change people’s mindset or systems. The Diversity and Inclusion Office has allowed me to be part of a team that shares the same core values of equity, equal justice and opportunity for everyone. In my personal and professional life, I have influenced people through education and raised awareness about inequity and long for the day when systemic bias and oppression no longer exist."

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Janjay K. Innis, MDiv


How does your role support DEI at UMass Chan: “Storytelling holds us accountable to the diversity, equity and inclusion commitments we make and to the marginalized groups whose presence, voices and gifts we claim to want at the table.”

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Angela Printy


How does your role support DEI at UMass Chan? “I believe that both qualitative and quantitative data are crucial tools, especially when it comes to making decisions that impact change. Data can help tell the story and I have the privilege of bringing those insights to the university every day.”

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Amy Reyes, MLIS, AHIP


Why does DEI matter at UMass Chan: “Diversity is vital to health equity, clinical outcomes and scientific progress. Without diverse voices at the table, we are missing vital information, which leads to knowledge gaps, poor outcomes and damage to communities.”

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Jorge Sanchez


Why does DEI matter at UMass Chan: "Critical to our individual and organizational success is the ability to operate, participate and engage fully in our communities and environments, where our differences are celebrated and amplified and we all feel that we measure up, matter and belong. I love being a catalyst in facilitating this process."

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Jules Trobaugh, MFA


How does your role support DEI at UMass Chan? “I love to be creative and to teach and I find naturally human behavior fascinating. This role allows my talents to shine and leave the world a better place than how I found it!” 

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