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Addressing Weight Based Stigma Webinar



This webinar will aim to raise awareness and foster understanding about the harmful effects of weight-based discrimination and bias within the context of healthcare. By delving into the complexities of weight stigma and its impact on individuals' psychological well-being, this training will aim to equip behavioral health providers with the knowledge and tools necessary to provide compassionate, informed, care to individuals of all body sizes. Through exploring evidence-based research, challenging prevailing societal narratives, and promoting empathy, this training seeks to empower providers to address weight stigma within their practice and create an inclusive environment that promotes the holistic health of all individuals. 

Who would be interested in this webinar?

Behavioral health clinicians and other primary care professionals

What are the goals or learning objectives of this webinar?

The goal of this session is to provide clinicians with knowledge about what weight stigma is, and how it impacts patients and communities, as well as to develop skills for addressing weight stigma in a clinical setting.

At the conclusion of this session, the participant will be able to:

  • Identify and define weight stigma,
  • Explain the psychological consequences of weight stigma,
  • Assess underlying attitudes and develop skills to address weight stigma in practice

How long is the webinar?

This webinar is 60 minutes

How much does it cost?

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Who is the presenter for this webinar?

Ashley Mitton, PsyD is currently a second year post doctoral fellow in primary care psychology and medical education at UMass Chan Medical School. She is passionate about working with learners to provide equitable healthcare to a board range of patients, and has a special interest in addressing anti-fat bias in medicine.

There is no known commercial support for this program.