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Fall 2023 Learning Lab Schedule

*We are not responsible for any participants' phone charges/overages/internet usage*

Live Active Practice Interactive Learning Labs 

  • Location: Anywhere with a wired internet connection.
  • Required: landline/cell phone/computer/mic/speakers
  • International Students: Please be sure to let us know the location you will be calling in from; we will give you a toll-free international call-in number; a landline may be needed to avoid cell phone carrier fees in many countries--please check with your carrier.

All sessions run on Tuesdays, from 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM Eastern Time

Learning Lab 1 - September 12, 2023
The Spirit of Motivational Interviewing and Introduction to OARS
Learning Lab 2 -  October 3, 2023
Developing Motivational Interviewing Skills: OARS
Learning Lab 3 - October 24, 2023
Evoking Change Talk
Learning Lab 4 - November 14, 2023
Responding to Sustain Talk and Managing Discord
Learning Lab 5 -December 5, 2023
Developing a Change Plan and Consolidating Patient Commitment
Additional Required Individual Training

To receive a certificate for the course all learners must complete two Acting Patient Encounters and two Individual Coaching Sessions. Each of these individual learning experiences is completed by telephone. (Instructions on how to schedule will be provided during the first session.) These are part of the requirements of the course, if you miss a call you will not receive credit for the course. 

Acting Patient Encounter 1: Completed between Group Learning Sessions 1 and 2

Individual Coaching Session 1: Completed 2-4 weeks after Acting Patient Encounter 1

Acting Patient Encounter 2: Completed within 30 days following Group Learning Session 5

Individual Coaching Session 2: Completed 2-4 weeks after Acting Patient Encounter 2