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Research Programs

UMass Cancer Center is a powerhouse in cancer research. Our scientists and clinical researchers have been recruited from around the world and are leaders in their field who work to advance our understanding of cancer initiation, progression, treatment and prevention through groundbreaking basic, translational, clinical and population research.

Our Center’s research programs are organized into three main areas: basic science, translational and clinical research, and cancer prevention and control.



Cancer Cell Biology

The Cancer Cell Biology Program focuses on basic research investigating the complex biological networks in cells that are dysregulated in cancer, and the interactions between cells and their environment that impact cancer development and progression.

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Cancer Genetics

The Cancer Genetics Program is a basic science program centered on determining how mutations in—and altered expression of—specific genes contribute to cancer development, progression and treatment.

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Translational Oncology

The Translational Oncology Program bridges scientific discoveries developed at the Cancer Center to the clinic by building tools, preclinical models, and collaborative research programs among basic, translational, and clinical faculty.

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Cancer Population Health Sciences

The Cancer Population Health Sciences Program investigates the complex multilevel determinants of cancer risk and treatment outcomes to inform the design and implementation of effective cancer screening, prevention, and treatment in health care and public health practice.

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