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Cancer Nexus Blog

Read up on the Center's latest developments in cancer research, screening and prevention, as well as innovations in cancer detection and treatment.

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    Bringing Drugs to the Brain Takes Ingenuity: A Conversation with Rachael Sirianni, PhD

    Rachael Sirianni, PhD, is working on ways to deliver drugs directly to the brain. Her research has broad implications for treating brain cancer and neurodegenerative disorders.

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  • chibaya and ruscetti for blog.jpg

    Reviving the Immune Response in Pancreatic Cancer

    Marcus Ruscetti, PhD, and Loretah Chibaya, PhD, explain how they successfully activated the immune system in a pancreatic cancer model.

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  • prabhani jason and christian no labels for SEO.jpg

    Next Generation Science Meets Next Generation Scientists: Neuroblastoma, Nanoparticles and Immunotherapy

    This summer, Prabhani Atukorale, PhD, and Jason Shohet, MD, PhD, will work with a visiting student, on developing an immunotherapy for neuroblastoma.

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  • jason p hallway seo.jpg

    An Inside Look at Pancreatic Tumor Cells: A Conversation with Jason Pitarresi, PhD

    Jason Pitarresi, PhD, tells us about his research path and the tools he is using to better understand pancreatic cancer.

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  • Matt Hemming seo.jpg

    Fighting Back Against Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors

    Matthew Hemming, MD, PhD, is developing new therapies for gastrointestinal stromal tumors and other sarcomas. He is also identifying new biomarkers for assessing risk of tumor recurrence.

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    How Mitochondria Survive in Cancer Cells: A Conversation with Jessica Spinelli, PhD

    Jessica Spinelli, PhD, explains how tumor cells can survive without oxygen

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  • Halvorsen donation photo.jpg

    Pushing Back on Glioblastoma

    Samantha Sarli and Jonathan Watts, PhD are working on a novel drug to treat glioblastoma.

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  • excellence home grown.jpg

    Accolades Once Again for the Cancer Research Office

    The Cancer Research Office is commended for their outstanding performance — once again!

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  • leukemia cell for patel SEO.jpg

    Stopping Blood Cancer Before It Starts

    Shyam Patel, MD, PhD, explains a new method for detecting blood cancer before it takes root.

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    It’s All about the Gaps: Why Chemotherapy Works on Some Cells but Not Others

    Sharon Cantor, PhD, explains why chemotherapy for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer doesn't always work as expected.

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    A Translational Approach to T cells: A Conversation with Jillian Richmond, PhD

    Jillian Richmond, PhD, discusses her T cell research and its application to diagnostics and therapies for lymphoma.

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  • AACR22.png

    UMass Chan is attending major cancer conference to share advances in cancer research

    Follow Our Research Presentations at the AACR Annual Meeting 2022

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  • thoracic_surgery_team.jpg

    Simulated Emergencies to the Rescue

    UMass thoracic surgeons perform simulated surgery using a robotic platform to train for an emergency conversion to an open procedure.

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  • Cachia-David-social.jpg

    Paving the Path for Neuro-Oncology Translational Research: A Conversation with David Cachia, MD

    David Cachia, MD talks about future neuro-oncology clinical trials at UMass Chan

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  • UMass---CC-Pilot-Project---Rajani-Sadasivam-and-Elise-Stevens.jpg

    Adapt2YourMood: A Mood-tailored Intervention for Smoking Cessation

    A pilot study to develop new bioinformatic tools to identify fusion circRNAs in cancer has received funding from the UMass Cancer Center and PQHS

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  • PPP_Fazzio.jpg

    Using Single-Cell Profiling to Uncover Vulnerabilities in Breast Cancer

    A study on the epigenetic vulnerabilities of metastatic breast cancer has received funding from the UMass Cancer Center

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  • PPP_Atukorale-Ruscetti.jpg

    A Dual Approach to Activate the Immune System in Pancreatic Cancer

    A pilot study to develop a unique approach to enhance immunotherapy for pancreatic cancer has received funding from the UMass Cancer Center

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  • PPP_Harris-Khvorova.jpg

    AIMing to Improve the Response of Melanoma to Immunotherapy

    An early-stage research study of immunotherapy in melanoma has received funding from the UMass Cancer Center

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  • PPP_Zhou.jpg

    Developing Computational Methods to Detect Fusion Circular RNAs in Cancer

    UMass Cancer Center and PQHS fund a pilot study to develop new bioinformatic tools to identify fusion circRNAs in cancer

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  • Cancer-Research-Office.jpg

    UMass CRO Receives Recognition for Outstanding Performance

    The UMass Cancer Research Office has received national recognition from ECOG-ACRIN for outstanding performance in clinical trials research

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  • Research-Paper-Highlight-ShyamPatel.jpg

    New Research Sheds Light on Treatment for TP53-Mutant Blood Cancers

    Dr. Patel discusses his new research defining the clinico-genomic landscape of TP53 mutations in patients with AML

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  • Fight-Cancer-in-Dogs.jpg

    Using Comparative Genomics to Fight Cancer in Dogs and Humans

    By studying cancer in dogs, researchers at UMass Cancer Center are working to improve the outcomes and extend the lives of both human patients and pet dogs with cancer

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  • new-experimental-cancer-drug-study.jpg

    UMass Selected as Clinical Trial Site for New Experimental Cancer Drug

    UMass was selected as one of only a few sites around North America offering a phase I/II clinical trial involving intratumoral injection

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  • jamie-faro-cancer-nexus-blog.jpg

    Leveraging mHealth to Increase Physical Activity in Cancer Survivors

    Aiming to provide direct link between providers and physical activity programs to conduct patient referrals

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  • craig-ceol.jpg

    Combating drug resistance in melanoma

    Ceol 's lab have developed a drug that targets this factor and is currently testing whether it can combat drug resistance when used in combination with current therapies.

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