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Lihua Julie Zhu, PhD

Research Focus - Developing Novel Tools for Mining and Integrating High-Throughput Datasets to Investigate Gene Regulation in Cancer

  • Development and application of algorithms and computational tools to analyze, annotate and integrate various datasets, including those generated from high-throughput experiments such as ChIP-seq, RNA-seq, ATAC-seq, scRNA-seq, GUIDE-seq, and CRISPR screening
  • Development of Bioconductor packages with various utilities, including applications of machine learning, peak identification, motif analysis, annotation, and visualization
  • Improvement of genome annotation using various datasets in public databases
  • Mining of public datasets for cancer biomarker discovery

Representative Publication

Ou J, Zhu LJ. trackViewer: a Bioconductor package for interactive and integrative visualization of multi-omics data. Nat Methods. 2019;16(6):453-454.

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