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Govind Srimathveeravalli, PhD

Research Focus - Non-ionizing Energy-Mediated Cancer Therapy

  • Study of the interaction of non-ionizing energy and biology at multiscale resolution, from cells through organ systems
  • Use of computer simulations to model biological response evoked upon exposure to energy and to design energy parameters that improve the specificity of the desired treatment effect
  • Development of novel medical devices for energy delivery in vitro and in vivo, allowing identification of signaling pathways and cellular activities that are altered or upregulated upon energy-based treatment
  • Targeted modulation of barrier function in the tissue microenvironment, creating new platforms for the study of cancers and other diseases

Representative Publication

Kodama H, Shamay Y, Kimura Y, et al. Electroporation-induced changes in tumor vasculature and microenvironment can promote the delivery and increase the efficacy of sorafenib nanoparticles. Bioelectrochemistry. 2019;130:107328.

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