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Giles F. Whalen, MD

Research Focus - Manipulating Tumor Micro-environment by Intratumoral Injection for Long-term Therapeutic Effect

  • Clinical/translational efforts encompassing tumor collection and banking, phase 1 clinical trials, and use of mouse models to generate mouse avatars
  • Intratumoral injection of α-gal glycolipids for cancer immunotherapy
  • Intratumoral injection for melanoma and pancreatic cancer therapy, in collaboration with Dale Greiner and Michael Brehm

Representative Publication

Albertini MR, Ranheim EA, Zuleger CL, et al. Phase I study to evaluate toxicity and feasibility of intratumoral injection of α-gal glycolipids in patients with advanced melanoma. Cancer Immunol Immunother. 2016;65(8):897-907.

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