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Chan Zhou, PhD

Research Focus - Algorithm Development for Analyzing Multi-omics and Clinical Data to Unravel Noncoding RNAs and RNA Modifications in Cancer for Diagnosis and Therapy

  • Develop machine-learning based computational methods to identify noncoding RNAs from high-throughput sequencing data in cancer patients as biomarkers for cancer diagnosis
  • Develop computational algorithms to genome-widely de novo detect and functionally characterize long noncoding linear RNAs and circular RNAs in cancer
  • Analyze and integrate complex multi-omics data to decipher aberrant circular RNA splicing in cancer to facilitate diagnosis and therapy
  • Develop computational methods and pipelines to explore the regulatory roles of RNA modifications (especially m6A) in cancer

Representative Publication

Zhou C, Molinie B, Daneshvar K et al. Genome-wide maps of m6A circRNAs identify widespread and cell-type-specific methylation patterns that are distinct from mRNAs. Cell Rep. 2017;20(9):2262-2276

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  • UMass Cancer Center funds five UMass Chan research projects

    UMass Cancer Center funds five UMass Chan research projects

    The UMass Cancer Center Pilot Project Program has awarded seed grants to five UMass Chan Medical School research projects to enable investigators to gather pilot data for external cancer-focused funding.

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