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Welcome to emergency ultrasound at UMass! We are excited to work with you during residency. Please see below for information about your ultrasound rotations and requirements.

Ultrasound rotations

We take a longitudinal approach to EM residency ultrasound training. During each year of residency there is dedicated time for ultrasound learning. These include:

  • Intern ultrasound orientation course (June)
    • Introduction to workflow, machines, policies, basic lectures, and hands-on
  • Intern scan shifts
    • Hands-on scanning with co-interns, fellows, faculty 1-2 times monthly prior to scheduled evening shifts
  • Intern Ultrasound/Anesthesia block
    • Lecture/image review/hands-on Tuesday and Wednesday
    • Hands-on scanning during other days following anesthesia
    • Goal: 200 recorded scans
  • 2nd year Ultrasound/Toxicology block
    • Lecture/image review/hands-on each Wednesday
    • Hands-on scanning during other days
    • Goal: 200 recorded scans
  • 3rd year Ultrasound/Community Medicine block
    • Lecture/image review/hands-on each Wednesday
    • Hands-on scanning Friday and during clinical shifts
    • Goal: 200 recorded scans

Of course, the best way to gain expertise with ultrasound and develop this valuable skill is to scan while on clinical shifts.

Ultrasound Lectures

During the ultrasound blocks the following core lectures are covered:

  • Echo (basic and advanced), eFAST, Soft Tissue, Vascular (Aorta, DVT), Gallbladder, Renal, and Pelvic

Additional lectures are given monthly during resident didactics. Topics include:

  • MSK, Nerve blocks, Pediatrics, Bowel, Procedural, Global health, Lung, Cardiac, RUSH exam, and interesting case/image review.

Graduation requirements

  • Completion of annual ultrasound blocks and lecture attendance
  • Completion of 800 – 1000+ reviewed scans during residency
  • Completion of > 25 scans of each of the following: Echo, FAST, Lung, Soft tissue, Aorta, LE DVT, Gallbladder, Pelvic, Renal, MSK, Ocular, and Vascular access