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Heritage Society

The Heritage Society recognizes donors who support UMass Medical School through a bequest, life income gift, retirement plan (IRA, 401(k), 403(b)), life insurance policy, real estate gift and/or other estate intentions.

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  • Anonymous (1)
  • Helle Alpert, PhD, and Joseph S. Alpert, MD
  • Lori J. Barker, MS'94, RN, and Richard Barker
  • Martha Leggat and Stephen J. Barr, MD'91
  • Rebecca Begin and Gregory B. Begin, MD'78 F'82
  • Norman E. Beisaw, MD
  • Stanley I. Berman
  • Yoel Carrasquillo Vega, MD R'15 R'16
  • Jennifer H. Caskey, MD'75
  • Nancy Sheard and Nathaniel G. Clark, MD'88
  • Louise Lehtola-Clarke and Jeffrey Clarke
  • Patricia and Joseph Cote
  • Susan Maynard and Paul M. Denoncourt, MD'81 R'86
  • Susan Auerbach-Ferdman, MD'83 P'08, and Mauro Ferdman P'08
  • Coleen O'Brien and David B. FitzGerald, MD'00 R'04
  • Mary Ellen G. Foti, MD'83, and Lawrence Foti
  • Phoebe Ann Freeman
  • Debra and John Garrett
  • Susan Mae Gonsalves
  • Irene Goranitis, MD'81
  • Richard E. Hunter, MD
  • Matthew Ingham, MD'10
  • Frances and M Howard Jacobson
  • Nancy R. Kowal, MS'95, RN, NP
  • Louise Lazare
  • Bodil* and Harry Meyer
  • Susan Vancisin and Kenneth J. Miller, MD'77
  • Sharon Britton and John D. Patrick, MD'79
  • Nilima A. Patwardhan, MD R'78, and Avinash Parwardhan, MD
  • R. Norman Peters, Esq.
  • Kiran V. Raman, MD'05
  • Reid and Sue Roberts
  • Gordon M. Saperia, MD'77 R'84
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jon R. Shakour
  • Michelle and Prescott Stewart
  • Beverly and Fred Stone
  • Julia K. Yoshida, MD'81, and Claudio Topolcic
  • Mary M. Tse, MD'77
  • Dorothy M. Ungerer
  • Richard Weingarten
  • Betty Wheeler
  • Susan B. and David K. Woodbury

This list reflects gifts made to UMass Medical School between July 1, 2021, and June 30, 2022.

NOTE: As of Sept. 7, 2021, which is in FY22, UMass Medical School is now UMass Chan Medical School, thanks to a transformational gift. 

*  deceased in FY21

Cumulative lifetime giving of $1 million and above

Cumulative lifetime giving of $100,000 to $999,999

●  Hudson Hoagland Society   

Leadership donor (cumulative gifts of $1,000+ to one or more Annual Funds)

 Dean's Council

◈ 30+ consecutive years of giving

♦  20+ consecutive years of giving 

◇ 10+ consecutive years of giving

□  5+ consecutive years of giving