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Reunion Class Gift Campaign 2018
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Reunion class gift campaign 2018

In honor of their respective reunions, the UMMS School of Medicine Classes of 1978, 1983, 1988, 1993, 1998, 2003, 2008 and 2013 collectively donated nearly $249,000 for financial aid and to support other needs throughout the academic health sciences center. In doing so, they added to the class scholarships they established previously in honor of their graduating classes. This year's 5th reunion class, the Class of 2013, created a current-use scholarship. In addition, two alumni each established a scholarship endowment. 

The 2018 reunion also marked the debut of the following fundraising awards:

Reunion Class Gift Award

Acknowledges the generosity of the class that contributes more than any other during this fiscal year's reunion class gift campaign. Inaugural class winner: Class of 1988

Reunion Participation Award

Acknowledges the reunion class with the highest participation in the reunion class gift campaign during this fiscal year's reunion class gift campaign. Inaugural class winner: Class of 1978


Class of 1978

2018 Reunion Participation Award winners!

Total Giving: $59,597, Participation: 44.6%
Gift Chairs: Stephen Gorfine, MD; Gary Peters, MD; and Rachel Bergeson, MD

 SOM Class of 1978


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Class of 1983

Total Giving: $30,793, Participation: 42%
Gift Chairs: Peter Schlegel, MD, and Gerard Cox, MD, MHA  

SOM Class of 1983


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Class of 1988

2018 Reunion Class Gift Award winners!

Total Giving: $66,892, Participation: 42.5%
Gift Chairs: Nathaniel Clark, MD; Damian Dupuy, MD; and Stephanie Prior, MD

SOM Class of 1988


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Class of 1993

Total Giving: $30,473, Participation: 40.6%
Gift Chairs: Caroline (Baltimore) Alper, MD; Christine (Hashem) Anderson, MD; and Catherine Jones, MD

SOM Class of 1993


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Class of 1998

Total Giving: $34,625, Participation: 40.2%
Gift Chairs: Andrea  Pettinato, MD; Jennifer Schwab, MD; and Jeremy Shore, MD 

SOM Class of 1998


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Class of 2003

Total Giving: $21,093, Participation: 37%
Gift Chair: Meghan Banik Sass, MD

 SOM Class of 2003


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Class of 2008

Total Giving: $3,580, Participation: 18.9%
Gift Chairs: Thirza Lareau, MD, and Wendy Timpson, MD

 SOM Class of 2008


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Class of 2013

Total Giving: $1,670, Participation: 30%
Gift Chair: David Wang, MD

SOM Class of 2013