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Reunion class gift campaign 2016

In honor of their respective reunions, the UMMS School of Medicine Classes of 1976, 1981, 1986, 1991, 1996, 2001, 2006 and 2011 collectively donated more than $281,000 for financial aid and to support other needs throughout the academic health sciences center. In doing so, they established nine endowed scholarships and one current-use scholarship in honor of their graduating classes. These scholarships will be awarded annually to promising medical students based on financial need.


Class of 1976

Total Giving: $7,925, Participation: 31.8%
Gift Chairs: Thomas M. Fabian, MD, and Bruce G. Karlin, MD

SOM Class of 1976


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Class of 1981

Total Giving: $75,858, Participation: 56.8%
Gift Chair: Barbara A. Stewart, MD

SOM Class of 1981


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Class of 1986

Total Giving: $71,345, Participation: 39.8%
Gift Chairs: Michael C. Connelly, MD, and Mary-Ellen Taplin, MD

SOM Class of 1986


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Class of 1991

Total Giving: $65,350, Participation: 39.58%
Gift Chairs: Pamela M. Baggeroer, MD, and Heather Gallo, MD

SOM Class of 1991


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Class of 1996

Total Giving: $13,590, Participation: 30.2%
Gift Chair: Gabrielle M. Reine, MD

SOM Class of 1996


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Class of 2001

Total Giving: $18,095, Participation: 45.7%
Gift Chairs: Elyssa Aronson Pellish, MD, and Joseph Peppe, MD

 SOM Class of 2001


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Class of 2006

Total Giving: $24,325, Participation: 29.9%
Gift Chair: Tara N. Kumaraswami, MD, MPH

 SOM Class of 2006


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Class of 2011

Total Giving: $5,193, Participation: 36.7%
Gift Chairs: Edward J. Arous, MD, and Ruth P. Levesque, MD

SOM Class of 2011