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We are performing and collaborating on a wide range of projects around the world.

Basic Science

  • Working to elucidate neurobiological mechanisms of mindfulness through the study of brain activity and connectivity using fMRI.
  • Conducting neurophenomenological studies to link the subjective experience of mindfulness with specific brain activity using real-time fMRI and EEG neurofeedback. 
  • Collaborating with Drs. Carl Fulwiler and Jean King (Department of Psychiatry) and Sarah Cavanagh (Assumption College) to investigate the degree to which high cognitive resources can predict a successful response to MBSR using performance-based cognitive tasks and physiological and fMRI measurements.

Translational Medicine

  • Stuyding the efficacy and utility of real-time neurofeedback for the augmentation of MBSR training.
  • Exploring the physiological benefits of MBSR in people who have had significant impairment in cardiac function following a heart attack in collaboration with cardiologist Dr. Joshua Greenberg (Department of Medicine).

Clinical Research

Working with increasing numbers of patients in our Stress Reduction Program remains the heartbeat of our research. We continue to investigate the efficacy of MBSR with larger numbers of patients through the CFM Stress Reduction Program.  

  • Evaluating the efficacy of mobile mindfulness training for smoking cessation in randomized clinical trials.
  • Investigating whether mindfulness training can promote healthy diet and physical activity in teenagers In collaboration with Drs. Lori Pbert and Elena Salmoirago-Blotcher.
  • Conducting a study with functional MRI to compare brain changes in people randomly assigned to MBSR or a psychoeducational healthy living class to identify predictors of successful weight loss maintenance in collaboration with Dr. Carl Wulwiler.

Public and Population Health

  • Developing evidence-based therapies for anxiety, depression, obesity and binge-eating disorder, and smoking.