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Our Committee Members

Purpose Considers and evaluates all activities relating to research conducted in or administered through the Medical School and reviews the annual performance of core research facilities.

Committee Members

Samuel Behar, MD, PhD                   MaPS
Claire Benard, PhD                                Neurobiology
Andreas   Bergmann, PhD                           Molecular, Cell and Cancer Biology
Edward Boyer, MD, PhD                        Emergency Medicine
Roger Craig, PhD                                     Cell and Developmental Biology
Janice  Dominov, PhD                            Neurology
Patrick Emery, PhD                                  Neurobiology
Miguel Sena Esteves, PhD                        Neurology
Rogaev Evgeny, PhD                                 Psychiatry
Paul Fanning, PhD                                    Orthopedics and Physical Rehabilitation
Thomas Fazzio, PhD                                 Molecular, Cell and Cancer Biology
Romolo   Gaspari, MD                                Emergency Medicine 
Laura Gibson, MD                                     Medicine
James Reid Gilmore, PhD                         Biochemistry and   Molecular Pharmacology
Robert Goldberg, PhD                              Quantitative Health   Sciences 
Matt Gounis, PhD                                     Radiology
Stephen Heard, MD                          Anesthesiology &   Perioperative Medicine
Sarah Hughes, MD                                    Obstetrics and   Gynecology
Jun Huh, PhD                      Medicine
Eric Huseby, PhD                                 Pathology
Joonsoo Kang, PhD                                  Pathology
David Kennedy, PhD                               Psychiatry
Christopher Keuker, MD                         Pediatrics
Jean King, PhD                                         Office of Research
Hardy Kornfeld, MD                             Medicine
Janice Lalikos, MD                              Surgery
David   Lambright,  hD                             Program in Molecular Medicine
Guozheng Liu, PhD                              Radiology
Roger Luckmann, MD,  MPH                                     Family Medicine Community Health                       
Louise   Maranda, PhD                              Quantitative Health Sciences
Beth   McCormick, PhD                            Microbiology & Physiological Systems
William   McIIvane, PhD                            Psychiatry
Eric Mick, ScD                                       Quantitative Health Sciences
Melissa Moore, PhD                                RNA Therapeutics   Institute
Richard Moser, MD                            Neurosurgery
Chris Mueller, PhD                                Pediatrics
Uyen-Sa   Nguyen, MPH                          Orthopedics and Physical rehabilitation
Paul Odgren, PhD                                   Cell and Developmental Biology
Lori Pbert, PhD                               Medicine
Susanna Perkins                                    Office of Research
Donna Perry, PhD, RN                         Graduate School of Nursing
Hena Santry, MD               Surgery
David Smelson,  PSYD                          Psychiatry
Jordan  Smith                               Student
Charles Stout, MD, PhD                         Radiology
Carole Upshur (alternate)                        Family Medicine and  Community Health
Peter Weber, MD                                   Otolaryngology
Linda Weinreb, MD                                 Family Medicine and  Community Health
Zuoshang Xu, PhD                                     Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology
Maksim Zayaruzny, MD                            Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine