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Award Information


Award Information  Review Criteria FAQs


Award Amount

  • Direct Costs: Up to $100,000 
  • Indirect Costs:Reimbursement for indirect costs is covered at the federally negotiated indirect cost rate of the institution where the project study is performed, if applicable; otherwise, an indirect rate of 10% will be used. 

Grant Term     

  • 12 months. No-cost extensions may be awarded at the discretion of NIH/CAPCaT. 

Grant Requirements 

  • The Awardee must provide CAPCaT a monthly progress report 
  • The awardee (or a team designee) must participate in the CAPCaT Kickoff and Showcase events 

Grant Recommendations 

CAPCaT Resources Leveraged by Awardees

CAPCaT makes adjunct resources available to awardees and other interested point of care technology researchers. These include: 

  • NIH resources, such as the I-Corps program and the CAPCaT independent Data Safety Monitoring Board 

  • Access to the Point-of-Care Technology Resource Network (POCTRN) 

  • The rich technology and business development resources of our Massachusetts Medical Device Development Center (M2D2) 

  • Clinical translation and validation expertise 

  • A technology development core 

  • Statistical expertise through the UMass Quantitative Methods Core 

  • CAPCaT’s annual Showcase event featuring 
    • opportunities for awardees to receive 1:1 pitch coaching from NIH experts 
    • exposure to large strategic investors, other entrepreneurs, and students 
    • expert panelists presenting best practices for seeking large strategic investment 
    • presentations by representatives from the NIH’s small business programs about funding opportunities and tips and best practices for small businesses