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Shelly R. Peyton, PhD

Research Focus - Soft Materials, Cancer Biology, and Cell Motility

  • Development of novel hydrogel platforms, which combine the flexibilities of synthetic biomaterials and tunable biophysical features to discover that cancer cells resist chemotherapeutics on stiff substrates
  • Linking biomaterial properties in vitro to metastatic risk in breast cancer patients
  • Combining biomaterials screening with systems biology to identify and combat adaptive drug resistance
  • Ongoing collaboration with faculty at Addis Ababa University to use our technologies to understand the driving mechanisms of aggressive breast cancer in Ethiopia

Representative Publication

Barney LE, Hall CL, Schwartz AD, et al. Tumor cell-organized fibronectin maintenance of a dormant breast cancer population. Sci Adv. 2020;6(11):eaaz4157.

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