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Prabhani U. Atukorale, PhD

Research Focus - Engineering Immunomodulatory Nanomaterials Technologies for Reprogramming Tumor Microenvironment Immunity 

  • Design of nanomaterials that serve as drug carriers for multiple synergistic innate immune agonists
  • Development of novel cancer vaccination strategies
  • Reprogramming of immunity in difficult-to-treat cancers, including metastasis 
  • Improvement of efficacy of current clinical cancer immunotherapies, such as checkpoint inhibitors and CAR T cells, by combination with novel immunomodulatory nanoparticles 

Representative Publication

Atukorale PU, Raghunathan SP, Raguveer V, et al. Nanoparticle encapsulation of synergistic immune agonists enables systemic codelivery to tumor sites and IFNβ-driven antitumor immunity. Cancer Res. 2019;79(20):5394-5406.

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