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Paul D. Kaufman, PhD

Research Focus - Chromatin Proteins That Regulate Genome Stability

  • Chromatin assembly factor-1 (CAF-1) regulation of the cellular localization of the tumor proliferation antigen protein Ki-67 throughout the cell cycle
  • Regulation of Ki67 mediated by a separate domain of CAF-1 independent of its canonical histone deposition activity
  • Ki-67 regulation of heterochromatin localization and modification
  • Contribution of Ki-67 to genome stability, the loss of which causes DNA damage checkpoint activation

Representative Publication

Garwain O, Sun X, Iyer DR, et al. The chromatin-binding domain of Ki-67 together with p53 protects human chromosomes from mitotic damage. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 2021;118(32):e2021998118.

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  • UMass Chan scientists to expand 4D nucleome research with $13 million NIH grants
    Research News

    UMMS scientists to expand 4D nucleome research with $13 million NIH grants

    Investigators at UMass Medical School have received two, five-year grants totaling $13 million to explore how the 4D genome structure influences gene expression, cellular function, development and disease as it reshapes itself. Job Dekker, PhD, and Paul Kaufman, PhD, to investigate architecture of genome as it changes over time.

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