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Marcus Ruscetti, PhD

Research Focus - Harnessing Intrinsic Tumor Suppressor Pathways to Restore Anti-Tumor Immunity

  • Dissecting the transcriptional and epigenetic regulation of a tumor suppressive process known as cellular senescence in different tumor contexts
  • Harnessing the senescence-associated secretory phenotype (SASP) to reengage immune surveillance and overcome immunotherapy resistance in pancreatic cancer
  • Elucidating and targeting genetic mediators of immune escape in prostate cancer metastasis using an innovative mouse modeling approach
  • Uncovering mechanisms of resistance to RAS targeted therapies and senescence and immune surveillance bypass in lung cancer

Representative Publication

Ruscetti M, Morris JP IV, Mezzadra, R et al. Senescence-induced vascular remodeling creates therapeutic vulnerabilities in pancreas cancer. Cell 2020;181(2):424-441.

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    UMass Cancer Center funds five UMass Chan research projects

    The UMass Cancer Center Pilot Project Program has awarded seed grants to five UMass Chan Medical School research projects to enable investigators to gather pilot data for external cancer-focused funding.

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