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Jungwoo Lee, PhD

Research Focus - Trabecular Bone Marrow Tissue Engineering

  • Development of implantable bone marrow mimicking microenvironments in mouse models to study metastatic relapse of dormant disseminated tumor cells
  • Development of in vitro bone marrow tissue models to study bone remodeling and associated hematopoietic stem cell and disseminated tumor cell biology
  • Development of in vitro intestinal mucosal barrier models to study functional crosstalk between gut and trabecular bone marrow

Representative Publication

Carpenter RA, Kwak J, Peyton SR, Lee J. Implantable pre-metastatic niches for the study of the microenvironmental regulation of disseminated human tumour cells. Nat Biomed Eng. 2018;2(12):915-929.

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