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David Lambright, PhD

Research Focus - Structural Mechanisms for Trafficking Regulation by GTPases and Phosphoinositides

  • Signaling and trafficking regulation by GTPases
  • Phosphoinositide and GTPase-dependent membrane recruitment
  • Autoregulatory mechanisms in regulatory enzymes and effectors
  • Structural dynamic and allosteric control mechanisms
  • Structural, biochemical, biophysical and functional analyses of signaling and trafficking complexes
  • Determinants of molecular recognition in protein-protein and protein-lipid interactions

Representative Publication

Das S, Malaby AW,, Nawrotek A, et al. Structural organization and dynamics of homodimeric cytohesin family Arf GTPase exchange factors in solution and on membranes. Structure. 2019;27(12):1782-1797.

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