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Andrew H. Fischer, MD

Research Focus - Structural Basis of Diagnostic Nuclear Morphologic Changes in Cancer

  • Development of the concept that a significant subset of structural changes are induced, in a cell type-specific manner, by the oncogenes that are active in particular tumors
  • Study of nuclear lamina and nuclear positioning changes induced by B-RAF and RET and TRK tyrosine kinases in human papillary thyroid carcinoma (a subset of diagnostic structural changes induced by cancer genes that have relatively rapid dynamics after oncogene expression)
  • Development of a robust method for visualizing human tissue samples at high resolution with two-photon microscopy in time lapse (a method that enables gene editing/expression for mechanistic studies), in order to learn about the structural basis and functional significance of oncogene-induced changes in nuclear morphology

Representative Publication

Fischer AH, Zhao C, Li QK, et al. The cytologic criteria of malignancy.  J Cellular Biochem. 2010;110(4):795-811.

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