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Cancer Nexus Blog

Read up on the Center's latest developments in cancer research, screening and prevention, as well as innovations in cancer detection and treatment.

  • chibaya and ruscetti for blog.jpg

    Reviving the Immune Response in Pancreatic Cancer

    Marcus Ruscetti, PhD, and Loretah Chibaya, PhD, explain how they successfully activated the immune system in a pancreatic cancer model.

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  • jason p hallway seo.jpg

    An Inside Look at Pancreatic Tumor Cells: A Conversation with Jason Pitarresi, PhD

    Jason Pitarresi, PhD, tells us about his research path and the tools he is using to better understand pancreatic cancer.

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  • AACR22.png

    UMass Chan is attending major cancer conference to share advances in cancer research

    Follow Our Research Presentations at the AACR Annual Meeting 2022

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  • PPP_Atukorale-Ruscetti.jpg

    A Dual Approach to Activate the Immune System in Pancreatic Cancer

    A pilot study to develop a unique approach to enhance immunotherapy for pancreatic cancer has received funding from the UMass Cancer Center

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  • new-experimental-cancer-drug-study.jpg

    UMass Selected as Clinical Trial Site for New Experimental Cancer Drug

    UMass was selected as one of only a few sites around North America offering a phase I/II clinical trial involving intratumoral injection

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