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Cancer Nexus Blog

Read up on the Center's latest developments in cancer research, screening and prevention, as well as innovations in cancer detection and treatment.

  • dohoon-kim.jpg

    Clogging the Drain: Poisoning Cancer Cells from the Inside

    Dohoon Kim, PhD, and team are poisoning cancer cells from the inside. With the help of a UMass Chan Bridge Fund, they aim to develop a drug that blocks a detoxifying enzyme from neutralizing a dangerous metabolite within cancer cells. Without this detoxifying enzyme, the cancer cells will die.

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  • thoracic_surgery_team.jpg

    Simulated Emergencies to the Rescue

    UMass thoracic surgeons perform simulated surgery using a robotic platform to train for an emergency conversion to an open procedure.

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  • UMass---CC-Pilot-Project---Rajani-Sadasivam-and-Elise-Stevens.jpg

    Adapt2YourMood: A Mood-tailored Intervention for Smoking Cessation

    A pilot study to develop new bioinformatic tools to identify fusion circRNAs in cancer has received funding from the UMass Cancer Center and PQHS

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  • new-experimental-cancer-drug-study.jpg

    UMass Selected as Clinical Trial Site for New Experimental Cancer Drug

    UMass was selected as one of only a few sites around North America offering a phase I/II clinical trial involving intratumoral injection

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  • xue-wen.jpg

    Advancing Lung Cancer Therapy Using Genetic Tools

    Our studies have discovered that the genome (DNA) editing tool known as CRISPR-Cas9 can efficiently induce somatic genome editing in the lungs of adult animals. We designed various delivery vectors that could effectively deliver CRISPR editing components.

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  • mayuko-ito-fukunaga-card.jpg

    Promoting Patient–Provider Conversations About Lung Cancer Screening, During the Surge of Covid

    We have been working on a pilot research study that uses technology to facilitate effective communication between patients and healthcare providers about lung cancer screening.

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