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Cancer Nexus Blog

Read up on the Center's latest developments in cancer research, screening and prevention, as well as innovations in cancer detection and treatment.

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    It’s All about the Gaps: Why Chemotherapy Works on Some Cells but Not Others

    Sharon Cantor, PhD, explains why chemotherapy for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer doesn't always work as expected.

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    UMass Chan is attending major cancer conference to share advances in cancer research

    Follow Our Research Presentations at the AACR Annual Meeting 2022

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    Using Single-Cell Profiling to Uncover Vulnerabilities in Breast Cancer

    A study on the epigenetic vulnerabilities of metastatic breast cancer has received funding from the UMass Cancer Center

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    UMass Selected as Clinical Trial Site for New Experimental Cancer Drug

    UMass was selected as one of only a few sites around North America offering a phase I/II clinical trial involving intratumoral injection

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    Advancing a New Understanding of Hereditary Breast Cancer Genes

    Our data indicate that chemotherapy works because it generates holes or gaps in DNA that are already present in cells lacking the hereditary breast and ovarian cancer genes.

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