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Living in Worcester

Worcester, known as the “Heart of the Commonwealth” due to its location in central Massachusetts, offers visitors historical, recreational and culinary experiences that are well worth the visit. Far from simply a sleepy suburb 40 miles east of Boston, Worcester is the second-largest city in New England and was host to political landmark events such as the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence in the state (1776), Shays’ Rebellion (1786-7), and the first women’s rights convention (1850).

An industrial leader in household goods like textiles and envelopes, Worcester also boasts Elm Park, the first public park in the country, and idyllic Lake Quinsigamond, where local colleges assemble to compete in rowing. Worcester was the birthplace of the “smiley face” and the birth control pill, and is now home to major biotechnology, research, healthcare, and higher education, including 9 separate colleges and universities.

Worcester, Mass., Is The New 'It' Town!

Local Attractions

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