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Process and Appeals for Student Discipline

In order to file any appeal, the student must produce some evidence of error beyond the student’s simple assertion that the grade granting unit or board was wrong. For example, if a student disagrees with the grade assigned by a grade granting unit, the student should discuss the issue with the faculty coordinator of the relevant course, clerkship or elective and request reconsideration by the grading committee if that option is offered by the coordinator. In the event of unsatisfactory resolution of the issue by the grade granting unit, the student has the option to request reconsideration by the chair of the relevant department or departments for interdepartmental courses.

The appeal to the chair of the department is made by writing a letter to the chair outlining the reasons for disagreeing with the grade.  The chair will convene a small group of faculty, not including the course coordinators, who will review the grade and may interview the student and the course coordinators in coming to a determination.

Once a decision has been made the chair will inform the student of the outcome by letter. A copy of that letter will also be sent to the associate dean for student affairs who will inform the appropriate academic board.

An appeal to the dean of the Medical School/Academic Appeal Committee may be made only if the grade has an impact on promotion or dismissal. For example if a grade results in a requirement for repeating a course or other action resulting in a requirement for program extension, it may be appealed in this way.

For more information on the procedure, please see the appeal policy in the Student Handbook.