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Pilot Awards 2023

ARC Steering Committee have selected five pilot projects for Pilot Project Award 2023.  Each of the projects below will be implemented in 2022-2023 with the plan of development into a bigger study. Please feel free to learn more about each project and contact PIs and co-investigators for collaboration and support. 

Digital Medicine in Primary care: Implementation of Remote Activity Tracking to Promote Healthy Weight Management.

Digital medicine in primary care - UMass News

Feasibility of Integrated Novel Diagnostic for Autism Spectrum Disorder (FIND-ASD).

Characterizing Patients with Long Term Antidepressant (AD) Use in the Ambulatory Care Research Consortium: Mixed Methods Pilot Study.

Embedding health literacy best practices: A feasibility study using the Clear Communication of Laboratory Test Results (CCLR) template.

Improving Osteoporosis Screening in Primary Care.