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SUPPORT-AF IV: Supporting use of AC through provider prompting about oral anticoagulation therapy for AF

SUPPORT-AF IV aims to enhance and investigate the effectiveness of the previous rule-based alert on anticoagulant (AC) initiation and persistence in a diverse patient population from UMass Memorial Medical Center and University of Florida at Jacksonville. Six million Americans live with atrial fibrillation (AF), a heart rhythm abnormality that is a major risk factor for stroke and only half of those AF patients receive oral anticoagulation. Within the context of an ongoing collaboration between two large learning health systems, the investigators propose to study the impact of a shared clinical decision support tool embedded within the electronic health record (EHR) designed to enhance guideline-based AC prescription. The clinical decision support will be delivered via a best practice advisory (BPA) on EPIC EHR. The hypothesis the investigators are testing is that the number of AC starts in patients seen by intervention providers will be higher than in patients seen by control providers. Additionally, the investigators are testing the hypothesis that the risk of not persisting on AC will be higher in the patients of control providers compared with patients of intervention providers.

Below you can see an example of  best practice advisory and opened smart order set:

To learn more about the project and related  literature, plese follow the links below:  

  1. Protocol paper at Cardiovascular Digital Health Journal, volume 2, issue 4, August 2021:
timeline update feb 2023
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Alok Kapoor, MD

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David D. McManus MD

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Gordon S. Manning, MD

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Naomi Botkin, MD

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