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Treatments, Delivery Methods, and Diseases

Within the AITI, we strive to learn more about how treatments and delivery methods may affect the multitude of different diseases that we are studying. The various different autoimmune skin, endocrine, neurological, gastrointestinal, and rheumatic diseases that are being investigated in the AITI have all shown to be impacted by similar treatment and delivery methods.

Disease categories and their related delivery methods are the following:

  Topical Oral Microneedle Light Activation Tissue Tethering AAV
Skin X X X X X X
Endocrine   X     X X
Neurological   X     X X
Gastrointestinal   X     X X
Rheumatic   X     X X

Below is a list of unfiltered Treatment methods. You can select a delivery method from the dropdown to see which treatments are related to the available delivery methods that we are studying.