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Training and Mentoring

Fostering a Growth Mindset

The mentoring philosophy in the LCI is that we all have the capacity to grow and improve, continually learning from mistakes. This growth mindset is key to building self-efficacy and resilience. In the LCI, we recognize that people oscillate between fixed and growth mindsets, and that is natural. We foster and support one another to help us develop a growth mindset in our daily work.


The mentor-mentee relationship is a key to success. In a healthy and productive mentoring relationship, both mentor and mentee are aware of their responsibilities and hold each other accountable for them. A mentor is much more than an advisor or a boss! A mentor provides several forms of feedback for the mentee to grow as a scientist, including training in various skills, support for challenges, coaching for skill building and critical thinking, motivation when self-motivation flags, and overall direction and project management. Mentees can be mentors, too! A mentor is continually learning and growing (growth mindset), and feedback to the mentor is essential for the mentor to adapt the mentoring style to the individual trainee's needs.

Mentoring, including peer mentoring, takes shape in the LCI as individual meetings, group meetings, journal clubs, informal conversations, trainings in various skillsets, and demonstrations. Not least, the LCI is a springboard for professional and social networking, which essential to build a successful career.