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Goal of the InBioC

The UMass Integrative Biomarker Center (InBioC) that will apply powerful new technologies (proteomic, transcriptomic, nanotechnologies) and integrative analytics to well-curated human samples in order to clarify biological pathways, provide insights into disease mechanisms, identify new therapeutic targets, and define novel biomarkers of disease or response to therapy. It will advance a broad range of clinical and translational research (CTR) spanning precision medicine to population health across our hub and the CTSA network. The availability of novel, innovative, and accessible biomarkers will speed the development of new therapeutics. InBioC capitalizes on unique University of Massachusetts (UMass) expertise and existing UMCCTS infrastructure to expand outreach, stimulate science, enhance collaboration, and train/educate investigators across UMass and the CTSA Network.


Integrative Biomarker Center bridging pathways to disease