What's New?

Thanks to the generosity of many LRB researchers, the core flow cytometry staff and the UMMS office of research we have aquired a new state of the art analyzer. This instrument runs on FACSDiva software, a familiar platform for all our current users of the self-operated LSR II. Affectionately named "Lurch" after the very large butler (YOU RANG?) on the Adams Family. He is living in domestic tranquility with Uncle Fester (the original LSRII). They occupy a NEW LAB, still located on the third floor of the LRB in room LRB 357. The new instrument has 5 channels off a blue argon laser and 3 off the red laser in addition to light scattering.

The Core Lab BD FACSAria

The newest addition to our instrumentation is a 5 laser BD FACSAria. This new instrument will finally allow us to sort for mCherry!

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