Computer Resources

IS, Information Services for academic computing, provides access to PC's and MAC's for Flow Cytometry data distribution via a high-speed campus wide fiber optic backbone and for the permanent archival of data on our newly acquired terabyte server. The Flow Cytometry Core Facility provides 2 workstations for data analysis centrally located in the Medical School library. One workstation is an NT running the 32 bit version of Verity House's Winlist software. The other workstation is a Power Mac running Cell Quest software. Both machines use graphical FTP programs for easy transfer of data from the file server. Both also run non-flow software which can import graphics from the list-mode programs for presentation of data as slides, handouts, etc. Investigators can also arrange for connection to the FACS file server from their own personal workstations, however, software is not provided by the FACS facility. All users will need an NT account to access FACS data files.

As well, we have two workstations - one MAC and one PC in the Flow Cytometry Core Facility which can be used on a sign out basis. Please call the Flow Cytometry Core Facility at 508-856-3276 for scheduling.