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New Services and Announcements

The UMass Chan TAMC is pleased to announce the addition of human iPS cell work (both induction and validation experiments) to our menu of offered services.  Over the past year, the TAMC has successfully performed 8 different human iPS projects for UMass Chan Investigators.  Please see the Gene Targeting & Stem Cell Facility “Services Offered” link, or contact the TAMC for further information.

In addition, the UMass Chan TAMC has teamed up with the UMass Chan Mutagenesis Core to offer CRISPR/Cas9-mediated gene targeting in ES cells and in mouse or rat embryos.  Utilizing newer nuclease-based methodologies, the TAMC has successfully generated more than a dozen different rodent models over the past 2 years, including 6 different CRISPR-induced rodent models in the last 9 months.  For further information on nuclease-mediated targeting, please see the Animal Modeling Facility "Services Offered" link, or contact Jaime Rivera.

The TAMC would also like to thank Dr. Jean King and the Office of Research for allowing us to offer FY2015 PRICE ROLLBACKS on select TAMC services for UMass Chan Investigators, including Pronuclear Injection in C57BL/6 Inbred Mice, Gene Targeting in Mouse ES cells, and Mouse Blastocyst Injections.  Now enjoy “more mouse for your dollar”.