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Contacting the Transgenic Animal Modeling Core

Heather Gray-Edwards, DVM, PhD, Director of Transgenic Animal Modeling Core    
Phone: 508-856-5737               
For information about rodents and large animals, please contact:        
Judith Gallant                                             Ping Xu          
Phone: 508-856-5392                                               Phone: 508-856-5523        
For information about  human and mouse ESC and iPS, please contact:      
Zdenka Matijasevic              
Phone: 508-856-2459                 
For other information:                   
Transgenic Animal Modeling Core     Transgenic Animal Modeling Core  
Rodent and Large Animal Division     ESC and iPSC division    
364 Plantation Street, Worcester, MA. 01655   55 Lake Avenue North, Worcester, MA. 01655
Phone: 508-856-5392   and   508-856-5523   Phone: 508-856-2459    
Blue Mouse Embryo