Blue Mouse Embryo

Contacting the Transgenic Animal Modeling Core

UMMS Investigators wishing to initiate the production of transgenic rodents, arrange for cryopreservation of mouse lines, generate mouse embryonic stem cells or initiate gene targeting experiments in mouse ES cells can contact Marilyn Keeler, by phone (508-856-0039) or e-mail (

UMMS Investigators wishing to generate human or mouse iPS cells or initate gene editing in iPS cells can contact Zdenka Matijasevic by phone (508-856-2459) or email (

All non-UMMS Investigators wishing to use the TAMC and those UMMS Investigators seeking assistance with scientific or theoretical questions regarding the generation and use of genetically-modified stem cells or rodents should contact Jaime Rivera, Director of the Transgenic Animal Modeling Core, by phone (508-856-4189) or e-mail (

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