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Value of Research

In community-engaged research, partners collaborate to focus their skills and expertise to improve health in a community. Community leaders bring their expertise and knowledge, such as of the community, clinic, and their own work, and researchers bring their knowledge of designing and implementing studies, and then analyzing and communicating results. In bringing their expertise, each person is also sharing it with others on the research team.

We asked our UMass Chan PRC Community Advisory Board and members of the national Prevent Research Center Community Committee how we could better support them and their colleagues in their research partnerships. Many expressed a need for ways to tell others about the value of research, and for information about various research methods. 

Value of Research Video

In 2017, we took the first step in developing research methods training by creating a video called the Value of Research. To make the video, we asked Greg Gersch, a graphic recorder, to illustrate a script and turn it into a video. We are pleased with the result, and will use this video as the foundation for our training curriculum on research methods.