Welcome to UMass Worcester PRC

Stephenie Lemon  Milagros Rosal
Stephenie C. Lemon, PhD & Milagros C. Rosal, PhD
Co-directors, UMass Worcester Prevention Research Center

Welcome to the UMass Worcester Prevention Research Center. We are proud to be a member of the Prevention Research Center (PRC) network funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Our Vision: Optimal health of communities, families and individuals.

Our Mission: To promote health and prevent disease and disability by conducting research that addresses pressing community health issues, supporting public health practice and training the next generation of researchers.

We accomplish our Vision and Mission by being:
1) a leader in community health research at UMass Medical School,
2) an integral part of Greater Worcester’s collaborative public health system,
3) a research partner that addresses real-world challenges across Massachusetts,
4) a national model for research that connects academia, public health, community and health care systems.

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