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Core Curriculum Activities

All PATH Fellows are required to participate in the following core activities aimed at fostering the essential skills necessary to be a successful child health equity investigator.  


Core Activities Available 

  • Projects in Process Seminars (PiPS) 
  • Writing Skills Development 
  • Grant Development Workshop 
  • The UMass Chan Medical School K Club

Child Health Equity Focused Activities 

PATH Fellows participate in innovative seminars, group discussions, and training aimed at enhancing their child health equity research skills, providing them with a foundation in antiracism and implicit bias training, and supporting their career developmental paths and trajectories. Activities include:  

  • Child Health Equity Seminars 
  • Critical Reading Journal Club Sessions 
  • Work-in-Progress Sessions 
  • Career Development Sessions 
  • Scientific Journal Internships 
  • Fireside Chats with Health Equity Researchers 
  • Mock Study Section 
  • Antiracism Book Club 
  • Implicit Bias Training

UMass Chan Medical School Sponsored Diversity and Inclusion and Professional Development Activities 

Each year, PATH Fellows are expected to engage in at least two seminars related to diversity and inclusion, two seminars on professional development, and at least ten Grand Rounds. Examples of recent seminars include:  

  • Breaking Bias: A Diversity and Inclusion Workshop Series 
  • Diversity and Injustice in Current Events  
  • Rainbow Clinic Academic Quarterly Conference 
  • Centering the Margin Series 
  • Career and Professional Development Panel Discussions 
  • Career Pathways Communities 
  • Career Development Workshops 
  • Grand Rounds and Seminar Series