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Fellowship Opportunities

Brain Information for Prospective Fellows


Neuroimmunology Fellowship Program is designed to train excellent clinical investigators and clinicians. Fellows will receive intensive training in the following areas:

  1. Differential diagnosis of multiple MS and related disorders.
  2. Prophylactic agents for relapsing-remitting MS.
  3. Treatment of progressive or aggressive MS, including the use of chemotherapeutic and other innovative agents.
  4. Interpretation of MRI and other relevant imaging outcomes.
  5. Symptomatic treatments for management of pain, spasticity, fatigue, bowel or bladder dysfunction.
  6. Rehabilitation of chronic neurologic illness. 

A major focus of the fellowship will be the design and implementation of clinical trials. Fellows will also have the opportunity to receive additional clinical training in subspecialties of particular relevance to Multiple Sclerosis, such as Neurorehabilitation and Rheumatology.

In addition to clinical training and direct research experience, fellows will take graduate classes in basic immunology, epidemiology or clinical trial design. Two year fellows will have the option to take more course work and may undertake a Master's in Public Health.  Fellows with recent graduate level training in immunology or epidemiology will not be required to repeat these classes as part of the fellowship.

For interest in the Neuroimmunology fellowship Multiple Sclerosis Center program, please contact:

David DeMarzio
Program Coordinator

Idanis Berrios-Morales, MD,
Neuroimmunology Fellowship Director

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