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The Medicine/Pediatrics Residency Program

The Med/Peds Residency Program at the University of Massachusetts offers exceptional training in the core disciplines of both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. This training is done in a setting that offers and encourages the resident to integrate his or her knowledge of both disciplines. We believe that this provides the best opportunities for residency training. 

Graduates of the combined program are well prepared to pursue careers in primary care or subspecialty training. Graduates of the parent programs of internal medicine and pediatrics have likewise pursued both primary care and subspecialty careers.

The University of Massachusetts has made a major commitment to its combined Internal Medicine/Pediatrics program as demonstrated by: 

  • Continued support and encouragement from both the Chairs of Pediatrics and Medicine. 
  • Commitment of the two residency programs to the combined program.
  • Development of a community-based Med/Peds office with the focus on Med/Peds resident training. 
  • Recruitment of four Med/Peds trained primary care physicians to run the community-based office. 
  • Quarterly meetings of the residency directors for Med/Peds, Pediatrics and Internal Medicine. 
  • Monthly meetings of the Med/Peds program directors with the Med/Peds residents. 
  • Combined ambulatory Med/Peds experiences. 
  • Combined subspecialty rotations. 

Eighteen Med/Peds faculty who participate in medical student and resident education. 

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