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Past Events

Apr. 30th, 2019 Nathaniel Hafer, Ph.D.
Director of Operations, UMass Center for Clinical and Translational Science

Peter Dunn
Assistant Chief Development Officer, Business & Community Development Division,
Executive Office of Economic  Development at City of Worcester
From Idea to IPO: 
Local resources for entrepreneurship and translational research in bioscience

Mar. 26th, 2019

Christian Grant, Ph.D. 

Scientific Director, Biomere

From Idea to IPO:
CROs in the Drug Discovery and Development Process


Feb. 27th,


Gopi Shanker, Ph.D. Director, Psychiatry at Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research (NIBR)

From Idea to IPO. Preventing Migraines: The story of how Aimovig came to be


Feb. 13th,


Linda Plano, Ph.D.

Professional Pitch Coach, Plano & Simple


From Idea to IPO. Mini-workshop: Perfect Pitch for Life Sciences Innovators


Nov. 7th


Kevin MacDonald, Ph.D.

Patent Agent, Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, P.C.

Daniel Young, Ph.D., J.D.

Shareholder, Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, P.C.

From Idea to IPO. Intellectual Property (Patent) Protection for Gene Therapies  

Sep. 25th



Jim Glasheen, Ph.D.

Executive Vice Chancellor, Innovation and Business Development, UMass Chan

From Idea to IPO

Innovation to Impact:

Bridging the gap


 June, 6th


 Phillip D. Zamore, Ph.D.

Chair, RNA Therapeutics Institute

Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Gretchen Stone Cook Professor of Biomedical Sciences

Co-founder, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals

Co-founder, Voyager Therapeutics

 Start-ups at UMass: The Value of Model Organisms for Human Therapies  

Mar. 28th,


 Paul Thompson, Ph.D.

Professor and Director of Chemical Biology, UMass Chan

Co-founder, Padlock Therapeutics

  Start ups at UMass: Picking the Padlock  
Feb. 14, 2018   Guangping Gao, Ph.D.

Founder, Voyager Therapeutics

Professor, Microbiology and Physiology Systems, UMass Chan

Director, Gene Therapy Center, UMass Chan

 Start ups at UMass  
 Dec.6, 2017

Carina Clingman, Ph.D.

Principal, Recruitomics Biotalent Consulting

Account Manager, Sci. bio Recruiting

 Recruitomics: The study of scientific recruiting for improved horseback riding  
 Nov.15, 2017  Michael Green,M.D.,PhD

Professor, Department of Molecular, Cell and Cancer Biology, UMass Chan

Co-Founder, Fulcrum Therapeutics


Discussion with Dr. Michael Green

 Oct.25, 2017

 Beth McCormick, Ph.D.

Professor, Department of Microbiology and Physiological Systems, UMass Chan

Co-Founder, Member of Board of Directors, Bacainn Biotherapeutics

 Bacainn Biotherapeutics:

from Benchside to Scientific Founder

 Sep.25, 2017

 Jeffrey Arnold

President and CEO at Arnold Strategies, LLC; Angel Investor at Boston Harbor Angels and Mass Med Angels

Imran Nasrullah

Director, BD&L, Strategic Partnering ;  Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals

Karen Utgoff

Market-oriented business strategist ;  Karen Lauter Utgoff Consulting

 Shark Tank Sub ----Three UMass researchers will pitch their ideas to the judge panel  

Melissa Kelley, Ph.D.

Seniro R&D Leader, GE Healthcare Dharmacon

Multiparametric high-content screen for identification of cell cycle regulators using an arrayed synthetic crRNA: tracrRNA library  
May.24, 2017

Satinder Rawat, Ph.D, MBA

Licensing officer, Office of Technology Management, UMass Med

Regino Mercado-Lubo, MD

Postdoctoral Fellow, McCormick Lab, UMass Med

Ideas to Intellectual Property and Beyond  
Apr. 26, 2017 

 Wendy E. Rieder, Esq.

Managing Member, TriUnity Law Group LLC

 Capturing Value, Taking Inventions from the University Bench to Your First Company  
Sep. 28, 2016

Timothy A. Riley, Ph.D.

Associate Vice Chancellor, Innovation and Business Development
UMass Chan Medical School

Matching Your Business Model to Your Funding Source  
 Sep. 21, 2016

Robert Hindes, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder, TREK Therapeutics, PBC
Pharma experience includes BMS, Pharmassett,
Beyond West Pharma

Pre-seminar Career Development Talk  
June 16, 2016

Raj Kalkeri, Ph.D.

Project Leader, In Vitro Antiviral Drug Development, 
Department of Infectious Disease Research, 
Southern Research Institute
Pharma experience includes Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Pre-seminar Career Development Talk
Pharmacological Studies: Not Just a "Furry Test Tube" 

June 8, 2016

Yael Schwartz, Ph.D.

President and CEO, Or-Genix Therapeutics, Inc.
Entrepreneur in Residence, Foisie School of Business, WPI

Should I Get on the Boat or Stay on the Dock?   
May 5, 2016

Richard Wobbe, Ph.D

Pharma experience includes Scriptgen, Anadys Pharmaceuticals, ArQule, XTL Biopharmaceuticals


Pre-seminar Career Development Talk
Assay Development: Not Just Another Experiment

Mar. 31, 2016

Ann Kwong, Ph.D

CEO and Founder, TREK Therapeutics and InnovaTID Pharmaceuticals
Pharma Experience includes Schering Plough, Vertex

Selecting the Unmet Medical Need to Address:
It's Not As Simple as it Sounds

Feb. 3, 2016

Nathaniel Hafer, Ph.D.
Director of Operations, 
UMass Center for Clinical and Translational Science 
Co Director, 
Massachusetts Medical Device Development Center

Margaret Koziel, M.D.
Asst. Vice Provost for Clinical and Translational Research, 
UMass Center for Clinical and Translational Science 
Professor of Medicine, 
UMass Chan Medical School

The Roles of the UMCCTS and M2D2 

Center for Clinical and Translational Science


Dec. 2, 2015

Sunny Tam, PhD
Director of PSM in Biotechnology, Framingham State University

Jon Weaver
Chief Operating Officer, Massachusetts Biomedical Initiatives

Biotech Education and Startup in the Metro-West Area  
Oct. 14, 2015

Brendan M. O’Leary
Tripp Peake
Steven Weinstein

Shark Tank --- Pitch Your Ideas to the Investors  
Sep. 30, 2015

Jeffery Arnold
Eric Evan
Imran Nasrullah

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly: How Investors Pick Pharma Startups  
Sep. 16, 2015

Brendan M. O’Leary, PhD

Executive Vice Chancellor,
Innovation and Business Development, UMass Chan

Innovation at UMass Chan: Current Progress and Future Plans
Jun. 22, 2015

Linda S. Plano, PhD

Plano & Simple

Business as a Second Language
Jun. 10, 2015

Bonnie Fendrock

CEO, Cyta Therapeutics

Cyta Therapeutics --- The Future of Nanomedicine
May 28, 2015

Alain Chandonnet, PhD

CEO, Handyem

Handyem --- same day cytometry
May 21, 2015

Jed Chatterton, PhD

Senior Consultant/Project Employee
Healthcare Life Sciences Practice
Apr. 29, 2015

Art Krieg, PhD

CEO, Checkmate Pharmaceuticals

From Ideas to IPO: Turning Great Science into a Great Company
Apr. 15, 2015

Linda S. Plano, PhD

Plano & Simple

Perfect Pitch for Life Sciences
Mar. 19, 2015

Richard M Soll, PhD

Senior VP, Integrated Discovery Service Unit, WuXi AppTec
Mar. 11, 2015

Anita Ballesteros, PhD

Licensing Officer, OTM, UMass Chan

So You Think You Have an Invention? Now What? The Invention Disclosure - A Workshop
Feb. 25, 2015

Brendan M. O'Leary, PhD

Executive Vice Chancellor, Innovation and Business Development, UMass Chan

Getting Investors Interested in Your Research
Dec. 17, 2014

Chris Macomber, MD, MBA

General Surgery, UMass Memorial Hospital

Guerrilla Entrepreneurship: Tips, Tactics and Survival Skills  
Dec. 3, 2014

Connie Johnson, PhD

Associate Director, Development Office

Seed money for pilot projects
Nov. 19, 2014

Shan Lu, MD, PhD

Department of Medicine

Scientific Research vs. Product Development
Nov. 5, 2014

Anita L. Ballesteros, PhD

Office of Technology Management, UMass Chan

Technology Transfer: Commercializing Academic Research
Oct. 22, 2014

Michael Czech, PhD

Chair/Professor, Program in Molecular Medicine

Many tiers in Biotech
Oct. 15, 2014

Jerry O’Connor

O’Connor Law Office

10 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Starting a Company
Sept. 10, 2014

Neil Aronin, MD

Professor, RNA Therapeutics Institute, UMass Chan

A Perspective of Discovery and Intellectual Property
Aug. 6, 2014

Natalie S. Rudolph, PhD

Rudolph Biomedical Consulting

SMall Business Innovation Research Program: Government-Funded R&D for Fun & Profit!
Jun. 18, 2014

Tod Woolf, PhD

Founder and President of IPIFINI

Silencing, Editing and Expressing mRNA for Therapeutic Applications
May 14, 2014

Kevin O'Sullivan

President and CEO, Massachusetts Biomedical Initiatives (MBI)

The Commercialization of Science...  Journey from Business Incubation to Success
Apr. 30, 2014

Jay Kugler DeYoung, JD, MS

Fish & Richardson, P.C.

Patent Basics for the Basic Researcher
Apr. 16, 2014

Juswinder Singh, PhD

Founder and former CSO, Avila Therapeutics, Inc.

The Avila Story: How to build and sell a biotech with no previous experience
Apr. 2, 2014

Anastasia Khvorova, PhD

Professor, RNA Therapeutics Institute, UMass Chan

How to start a company out of graduate school: the story of Dharmacon




Mar. 31, 2016