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Matt McGuiness, MD - Head of Grafton Hill House, House Mentor

mcguinessDr. McGuiness was born and raised in central Massachusetts. He attended Penn State University as an undergraduate and then came to UMass for medical school. He completed residency in internal medicine at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and returned to UMass again for fellowship training in cardiology, where he has remained on the faculty ever since. Clinically, Dr. McGuiness cares for patients in a variety of settings, from the outpatient clinic to the ICU, and he has a particular interest in the cardiac care of patients with cancer.

Dr. McGuiness has a long-standing love of teaching and earned a master's degree in education during his time at Penn State. In addition to his role as a mentor, he leads the cardiovascular section of the pathophysiology course at the medical school. It is long-term relationships with students that he finds most rewarding, however, and is the aspect of mentoring that he most enjoys.

In his free time, Dr. McGuiness can often be found at the beach, somewhat independent of the season and often with his extended family. He is married, and has two young children who work hard to ensure that there is never a boring moment at home.