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Software Packages

Below are some recommended software packages.

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SolidWorks is one of the most advanced computer aided drawing (CAD) programs, tailored to engineers that want to create flexible, high-precision designs that are suited for machining, 3D-printing, simulation and a plethora of analyses.

LabView is the most generally supported platform for the development of custom measurement software that must combine devices from different vendors. The intuitive feel of this visual programming language and the ease with which user interfaces are constructed make LabView highly suited for the development of single-purpose lab software.

Zemax OpticStudio is one of the most powerful simulation tools to test and optimize optical system designs. The software supports simple as well as complicated lenses, passive and active elements and optimization for multiple configurations.

Origin is one of the most popular software products for data analysis and generating highly-customizable, quality graphs, plots and figures.