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Kathleen Mazor, EdD

Research Focus - The research goal of Dr. Kathleen Mazor is communication in healthcare, health literacy and patients' perspectives and experience

Current Projects: Developing a PRogram to Educate and Sensitize Caregivers to Reduce the Inappropriate Prescription Burden in Elderly with Alzheimer’s Disease Study (D-PRESCRIBE-AD), Trusted Messengers: Developing and Evaluating Materials to Support Physicians in Promoting COVID-19 Vaccination, Leveraging Evidence-Based Practices for Ambulatory VTE Patients to be Safe with Direct Oral Anticoagulants: LEAVE SAFE with DOACs, Open Notes in COPD: A Study of the Effects of Inviting Patients with COPD to Read Their Clinic Notes, Detecting, Addressing, and Learning from Patient-Perceived Breakdowns in Care: We Want To Know (WWTK)

Representative Publication

Preferences for COVID-19 vaccination information and location: Associations with vaccine hesitancy, race and ethnicity


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